Our Pastor

This is a very special year. Our parish celebrates its 50th anniversary and our school its 30th! It is a time to thank God for the abundant blessings he has bestowed upon our church and school communities since their founding and for the ones he continues to grace us with. It is a time to especially thank God for the great people, past and present, of Our Lady of the Lakes Church and School. It is a time to fondly reminisce, cheerfully commemorate and optimistically look ahead as we continue building the future of our parish and school.

As pastor it is my joy to invite all members of our church and school communities to join us throughout 2017 in celebrating this landmark at our annual events and special anniversary festivities. It is my privilege to importantly guide you this unique anniversary year in prayer and thanksgiving at our liturgies. It is my blessing to accompany you in enthusiastically embracing this period of grace for us.

This year is special for us indeed. May we recognize what a great gift it is and very proudly engage in it! Therefore let us journey together through it gratefully, wisely and jubilantly. Enjoy the celebration!

In Christ,

Very Rev. Jose Alvarez, V.F.
Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church