Our Pastor

Lent: A Walk to Freedom!

Freedom is dear to us. It is something we value and defend. However, it is something we often compromise due to sin. Sin erodes our freedom. When we sin, we become slaves to our disordered passions which rule us. Thankfully, Lent comes to show us a way out!

The season of Lent which calls us to prayer, penance and charity is a walk to freedom. Lent leads us to freedom because it teaches us the self-discipline without which freedom cannot thrive. Contrary to popular belief, freedom does not prevail when we act out desires. It only prevails when we can responsibly manage them instead of allowing them to manage us. For this reason, the Exodus account is emphasized in Lent because it depicts a people who leave slavery in Egypt and journey towards freedom a freedom they only attain through the self-discipline God teaches them along the challenging way.

As we journey towards Easter let us leave areas of slavery behind to attain greater freedom. May the Lord also help us develop needed self-discipline along the way! Lent will guide us.

In Christ,
Very Rev. Jose Alvarez, V.F.
Pastor, Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church